Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Why could I not have a nice,simple day today?

I woke up and had an email waiting for me from the school loans company saying something about my private loan payments..

It sucks that I can not defer them, and the monthly payment is a ridiculous amount. How do they expect us to pay back suck a big amount when some people are struggling to find a good paying job that can get them by day by day. I have applied so many places so I can at least start somewhere and nothing.

There was one place I went to an interview and they liked me but then I got an email later last month saying that they won't be needing an assistance at the moment. Well then.

This is hard for me right now, I can not pay that amount a month and plus I doubt I can change the amount to a lower one. I am really getting nervous because well since I was waiting to see if this private loan would get deferred and to my acknowledgment that private loans cannot get deferred unless you are still in school.

What am I going to do for the next four months? I am going to start community college during the summer semester but what will I do till then? I wish I can think things away but that really isn't possible is it. This is just really difficult to get through since I will be always thinking about it till there is a reasonable way to solve this problem. 


Why can't I win the lotto or idk.. 

It will be hard for me to sleep tonight, since tomorrow I will call up the company again to see what I can do.

Till then. 

Adieu fellow bloggerz


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