Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Four years later....

Just me being um.. me.

Well hello! Whoa... it's been a while. I really did forget I had a blog till I saw that my friend Laura frm the UK made one.. and then it struck my memory that I had one. I wasn't expecting to be a big hit but at least get few followers and meet people but I guess school was getting in the way.

To recap what has happened in the last few years... I graduated college with my BA in graphic design, I have met f'ing awesome new people, discovered really ace new bands and just been getting older. 

Life right now is just a bit slow.. I have been up and down trying to find a job in my field or even a part time just to be able to get some experience but nobody will hire me due to experience. I want someone to just give me a chance and also to the others of people struggling to find a job.

What has happened to my non realistic talent of making poems ( haha not really poems)? I reread some of the old posts and I would say I was a bit good with words now I just struggling trying to make sense with words. oh well.

Hope all you lovely people are doing well and swell. 


Anywho.. I'm out of this Popsicle stand!

Catch you on the flip side! :D


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