Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Once upon the dark forests of Forks.....

 well i was riding the bus one day on my way to school when i started to write this little dialogue it was going to used to be in a contest. It was for New Moon. Well i started to write just like that it took me few minutes. Tell me what you think.

Note:( the I had a weird dream is the beginning)

I had a weird dream last night….


I was in a forest, a very green but dark forest.  I started to walk, looking for a path, I heard someone yell out my name. I turned around and saw someone coming; to my surprise it was Jacob Black.

Jacob stopped few feet away from me and asked “ what are you doing out here”

Me: “Um…. I don’t know,” I said

 “I was looking for you, what is your explanation for being out here? Jacob asked

Me:” an explanation for what? I replied

Jacob, “well you are out here alone, so…. You got to have a reason to be out here… he mentioned

Me: to be out here?? I asked

Jacob: So…what’s your explanation, you got to have a reason to be here in New Moon”

Me: “What? To be in New Moon…” I replied

Jacob: “Oh c’mon, you must have hit your head hard, explain yourself” he smirked

I start to think he must be talking bout the movie contest.

I start to explain…

Me: “ well, I want to see how the book turns to reality, to feel the atmosphere on the set of the movie, to see the actors bring the characters to life and to experience the process of the movie.

Then Jacob grinned,” see you” he said and took off running

Then I woke up

“Was it all a dream?”………..I don’t think so…


Note: I made this up, i swear. 

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