Friday, May 15, 2009

distance thoughts...

Have you ever felt frustrated when people ask you about something you rather not talk about due to the trouble answers you have. Let me rewrite that, because you don't want to think about the troubling solutions to the question or that your worried that the answer you might have or the actually answer can cause a problem later on.

Also about when you think things might go well then get news that its getting worse not better. That you wish you had all the solutions but you don't. It hurts to find out the problem is getting worse.

It jus bothers me that, trying to get associates degree in graphic design then finding out that you might not be able to pay the monthly student payment or the worried solution of taking out another loan when you already under few loans already. Its just difficult to think about those things then think about the future, all the ifs you think up, what if i don't get a job, what if my life goals aren't met, what if.....

I tend to think all those ifs and scare myself thinking i might never succeed and have a nice well paying job and nice life ahead of me, but i have stopped to think like that and just start to think about now.

Since the economy is bad its even worse to try to think about how you'll be able to succeed the next few months when people are getting hours taken away at their jobs. And especially for me that i never had a job, trying to get one to learn and to have experience and also help out with the family but no dice. Nobody hires unless you have few years of experience. To tell you im a decent person but I will work hard and try my best to be a very hard worker and employee. But I truly  feel strong and hopefully get a job soon!

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