Monday, March 2, 2009

Theory # 2... Long Night

Longest night but its just the anxiety
making the night feel forever
the little dead tears of weariness that want to creep out 
but no they won't.
A soft, strong vivid voice arises from the darkness, listening strongly to the voice
just hearing the strings of harmony, 
words of strength and love but anxiety as well
overflowing thoughts float within the strings of creativity
along with the modest voice of this soul
this unique soul has the voice to just let my mind escape the invisible tears
just wonder to the point of this one reality 
to understand their soul and their persona not as an enemy of obsession but as a friend, a new truthful, faithful, trusting soul.

P.s. try to take a guess who am i talking about and which song of theirs it is...... =]

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  1. ...that's one thing about love sometimes, it comes anxiety package as well... PS; love your profile picture!
    ~happy Srping